Harrison Ag Technologies, Inc. (H-Agtec) was organized in 2001 for the purpose of commercializing technological advances in the agricultural industry. With being headquartered in Mobridge, South Dakota, H-Agtec enjoys great accessibility to farming operations, services and other entities that serve as laboratories for the designing and testing of new products and inventions.

H-Agtec’s first product was the Smart Steer, which was one of the first usable automatic steering systems for use on agricultural equipment. The agricultural community has embraced the auto steer system as it has greatly increased efficiency.

The second product to be developed in late 2005 by H-Agtec was the Smart Nozzle. This system incorporates the use of GPS tracking and mapping to increase the efficiency of large agricultural spray vehicles. In addition to the cost savings realization of applying up to 15% less chemicals, fertilizers or seed with this system, there is also the added environmental benefit of chemicals being only applied where they are needed and wanted. Therefore, not only is there an increased profit for the crop grower who uses this system but there is also the advantage of helping to preserve our fragile natural resources.